Freelance Sound Designers at

Thunder Tracks

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  Glenn Newnham

Glenn is a freelance Sound designer with extensive experience in film sound post production.

Glenn’s career started in 1981 at Crawford Productions where he worked on several of their drama productions.

Since leaving Crawfords in 1985 to work as a freelancer on feature films Glenn has worked on many of Australia’s top films and we are proud to say that he has worked on many of these as a freelancer here at “Thunder Tracks”.

With 31 years experience as a top Sound designer here in Australia Glenn has worked on many local and international productions as a dialogue editor, Sound effects editor and Sound Designer all which have taken him to mixing and ADR studios all over the world.  Glenn is a valuable asset to have on board any production.

Michael Carden

Michael is another freelance Sound Designer with many years experience in film sound post production.

Michael’s career started at Crawford Productions in 1984.

Since leaving Crawfords in 1992 Michael has worked on many films and documentaries at “Thunder Tracks”.

Michael also trained as both  a dialogue and effects editor making him very versatile on projects.  This coupled with his enthusiasm for his chosen craft also makes him a valuable asset on productions.  A passion of Michael’s is recording sound effects and atmospheres in his spare time which he does given any opportunity.

At Thunder Tracks I believe experience counts and as such we use some of the most experienced sound designers in the country on your projects. You can’t beat experience and with 31 years and 28 years Glenn and Michael certainly have that!